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To report cases of littering and illegal dumping, call the Unit’s hotline number 600-0620, 225-5471-2, 225-0506, or e-mail:  greenguyana@gmail.com.

Litter wardens take to bus parks in Central Georgetown

In addition to the current enforcement and monitoring exercise of the commercial zone of Central Georgetown, Litter Wardens also took to the bus parks within the Regent and Hinck Street area recognising that passengers and drivers are among the groups responsible for the current litter situation within the zone.  Public transportation operators were advised of the need to have a receptacle for waste disposal in their vehicles, and were given two days to comply. The Unit is working with the relevant authorities to identify the following non-compliant owners of buses.

Bus park

Bus number

East Coast

BKK 9003

BPP 8496

BLL 1949

BTT 1309

BSS 5837


BKK 6042                    

BMM 9217

BMM 9690

BSS 3771

BTT 2780


BNN 3808    BPP 1420    BPP 7278    BSS 1135

BRR 6593     BTT 524     BTT 36        BNN 3808

BNN 2590    BTT 218      BRR 9691   BJJ 5328

BRR 4963



















In addition to outreach and enforcement with bus drivers, officers of the Unit have also been engaging the vendors and business operators. Dumpsters procured by the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development have aided in lessening the amount of litter in the area as they are able to hold more garbage.

During early canvassing of the area, evidence was collected implicating Ms. Bibi Anderson of Fazia’s Collection in littering opposite the High Court. She has since been served with a Notice to attend Court to pay a fine of $100, 000.




Investigation of complaints

During the last two weeks, the Litter Unit issued fines and notices to the following persons/organisations:

  • Anareed Goulcharran (Craig, East Bank Demerara),
  • Zahir Hack (Success, East Coast Demerara),
  • Mr. Sanjay (Bella Dam, West Bank Demerara),
  • Mr. Ibrahims (No 75 Village, West Bank Berbice),
  • W. Rabilall,
  • Rudolph Singh, owner of Acme building, and
  • Ministry of Labour

Court cases

Following investigations into illegal dumping in the area on Mandela Avenue commonly known as “The Backroad’, Linden Shipley was made to pay a fine of $50, 000 for littering in a public place. While other cases are pending, the Litter Unit will continue work in Central Georgetown and investigate complaints of illegal dumping.

We all deserve to live in a clean, healthy environment. To report cases of littering and illegal dumping contact the Litter Unit on 600-0620, 225-5471, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or add us on Facebook at Anti Litter Guyana.


Litter Unit intensifies enforcement in the commercial sector

In continuing its intensified drive to stamp out littering in the city, the Litter Enforcement Unit issued fines to two business entities. Wardens patrolling the Lombard Street area issued a fixed penalty fine of $15, 000 to the owner of B. Sooklall Enterprise located on High and Harrel Streets for construction waste carelessly discarded at the side of the business.


B. Sooklall Enterprise                                 Mr. Mahendra Jagbandhan

Mr. Mahendra Jagbandhan of Pet Boy Liquor Store was also issued a fixed penalty of $15,000 after he accepted responsibility for instructing a vagrant (Mr. Roy Persaud) to dispose of the business’ waste at the entrance of the La Penitence Market. It is an offence under the Regulations to cause or knowingly permit another person to commit an offence under the Regulations, which includes depositing litter in a public place.

While efforts are on-going in the capital city, plans are on stream for the national rollout of the Litter Programme in Regions 3, 6, 7, and 10 in the first half of this year. This move will allow for wardens to be hired and operate within the various municipalities across the country to enforce the Regulations.  

The public is reminded that littering is a crime and is punishable by payment of fines from $50, 000 for individuals and $100,000 for businesses. Owners of public transportation are also advised that failure to provide a receptacle for litter disposal carries a fine of $15, 000.

To report cases of littering and illegal dumping, call the Unit’s hotline number 600-0620, 225-5471-2, 225-0506, or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .