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The Technical Secretariat

The Technical Secretariat (TS) falls under the Office of the Executive Director and with oversight over the GIS Unit, the Field and Data Management Technicians (F&DMT) and the Filing Clerk.

The Technical Secretariat (TS) is tasked with Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), ensuring the timely delivery and execution of the Agency’s mandate as it relates to Permitting, Compliance, Complaints and our obligations under the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) and the Multi-lateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) that the Agency is the Focal Point. The TS has the coordinating responsibility of:

-    Screening and processing of all Applications made to the Agency for:
-    Environmental Authorisation, Variance, Renewal and Biodiversity Research;
-    Complaints;
-    Coordinate the EIA process in collaboration with the Education, Communication, Environmental Awareness Program (ECEAP)
-    Processing and issuing of Short-term Noise Permits;
-    Assist the GEF Operational Focal Point (OFP) in fulfilling the responsibilities required by the GEF Secretariat;
-    Assist the ED in reporting to the Department of Environment (DoE) on the implementation of the Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) that the Agency is the Focal Point as necessary; and
-    Assist the ED with the review of the outcomes/outputs from Priority Actions stated in the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP).

Geographic Information Systems Unit (GIS Unit)

The Environmental Protection Agency is dependent on accurate and relevant data for planning, monitoring, research and data dissemination. As such, the collection and use of geospatial data is crucial to the success of sound environmental management and is an integral part of the EPA's decision-support system. The GIS Unit is responsible for the management of all spatial related data in the EPA and for the empowerment of Officers within the Agency with the necessary skills to enable the use of GIS data.

The Field and Data Management Technicians (F&DMT)

The F&DMT has responsibilities for:

•    The Management, maintenance, and calibration of analytical field equipment.
•    Maintaining field equipment log books.  
•    Updating equipment inventory.
•    Issuing equipment to Officers.
•    Assisting Environmental Officers in environmental monitoring exercises using analytical equipment.
•    Ensuring the Agency’s internal database for Complaints and Environmental Authorisations is updated.

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Environmental Protection Agency

Notice to the Public


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in conjunction with the Pesticide Toxic Chemical Control Board (PTCCB) and the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) hereby inform all importers, retailers, traders and distributors of Mercury, that an Environmental Authorisation is required from the EPA, effective August 01, 2019. This is in keeping with the Environmental Protection Act Cap. 20:05, Laws of Guyana.

Failure to obtain an Environmental Authorisation from the EPA will deem you ineligible to acquire a licence from the PTCCB to import, retail or distribute Mercury. To avoid this, persons are asked to make immediate contact with the EPA.

Further, the written consent of the Commissioner of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission is at all times required before any shipment of mercury is imported into Guyana for mining purposes.

Should you have further questions or require information on what documentation is needed to facilitate this process, please contact Ms. Odessa Duncan, Senior Environmental Officer of the Environmental Protection Agency or the Environment Division of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission.

Contact us at:
The Environmental Protection Agency
Ganges Street, Sophia, Georgetown.
Phone: 225-0506 / 225-5467-8 / 225-5471-2 Fax: 225-5481