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Waste Management Program Area (WMPA)


Guided by the Environmental Protection Act Cap: 20:05, Laws of Guyana, the Waste Management Program Area will inform and manage the process of Polices, Guidelines and Standard Operational Procedures regarding Waste Management and Resource Recovery that will realize maximum value from natural resources and ensure a Green Environment.


OBJECTIVES: The core function of the WMPA is to manage waste entering into the environment in an environmentally sound manner. This will be done by providing technical assistance in the development, management and operation of waste management facilities, conducting research and analysis on the recovery of useful energy from solid waste, develop guidelines and standards for the disposal of hazardous waste and other types of waste and coordinate and implement the obligations of the Basel Convention ect. Specific objectives are as follows:


1. Achieve a Cleaner Environment whereby waste is effectively managed through Integrated Waste Management Framework.

2. Ensure that Waste Management Plan/conditions is a primary component of all projects/activities requiring Environmental Authorization/Permit.



The Waste Management Program Area is headed by two Senior Environmental Officers and is supported by eight (8) Litter Wardens who are shouldering the responsibilities of Environmental Officers. The program area focuses on three sub-program areas including:


1. Solid Waste Management.
2. Hazardous Waste Management.
3. Waste Reduction and Recovery.

In addition to the three sub-program areas, the Litter Enforcement Regulations 2013 is also implemented by Waste Management. The primary focus of sub-programs 1 and 2; Solid Waste and Hazardous Waste Management, is to minimise environmental harm through the promotion, regulation and “polluter pays” principle of environmentally sound waste management approaches.


The focus for sub-program #3 is to promote and integrate waste reduction and recovery strategies into the Environmental Protection Agency approach regarding Waste Management.