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Ecological and Human Health Risk Assessment Programme Area

The Ecological and Human Health Risk Assessment Program Area (EHHRA), has been developed and designed according to the Environmental Protection Act, Cap 20:05. Ecological and Human Health Risk Assessments are conducted wherever an activity has the potential to cause adverse effects to humans and/or flora and fauna and their ecosystems of Guyana.

The Act requires that all activities are assessed before commencement and adverse effects are defined by the Act Part I 2.(b), as follows:

 (ii) injury or damage to property or to plant or animal life;

(iii) harm or material discomfort to any person;

(iv) an adverse effect on the health of any person;

(v) impairment of the safety of any person;

(vi) rendering any property or plant or animal life unfit for use by human or unfit for its role in its ecosystem;

Emanating from the risk assessments, EHHRA program area supports the other eleven Program areas by providing Permit conditions as part of the authorisation process to mitigate risk and reviewing Environmental Impact Assessments with regard to risk. EHHRA program area also advises Ministries on environmental activities where Ecological and human health risk may occur.

Where environmental pollution occurs EHHRA has a pivotal role to play in the determination of prohibiting that activity.

Part V 27. (1) (b) of the ACT:

Where any activity poses a “risk of serious pollution of the environment or any damage to public health”, the Agency shall serve on the person responsible for the activity a prohibition notice.


EHHRA conducts risk assessments according to the standard paradigm of identifying the hazard(s), examining the dose of the pollutant(s) of concern, assessing the exposure and characterizing the risk.