East Coast- East Bank Road Linkage

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Environmental Protection Agency

Notice to the Public


The Ministry of Public Infrastructure (MoPI), Government of Guyana, has submitted an application to the Environmental Protection Agency for Environmental Authorisation, to undertake the construction of East Bank-East Coast Road Linkage Project (Green Field East Bank- East Coast Road Alignment).

The Main Green field alignment starts from the East Coast Road (Rupert Craig Highway) and ends at the connector of extension of Great Diamond road with East Bank Public Road (Approximately 15 Km). The Main alignment passes through Ogle Airstrip Road (an existing roadway) of length approximately 1.3 km, and then leads to Green Field, an area that comprises primarily sugar cane fields with many canals along and across it. An aggregate length of approximately 9.62 km of connector/bypass roads is also expected to be constructed. The proposed locations for these connector/ bypass roads bypass roads are as follows: the first connector is Aubrey Barker Road, the second connector is Haags Bosch Road, the third connector is Mocha Arcadia Road, and the fourth is Great Diamond Road.

In keeping with the Environmental Protection Act, Cap. 20:05, Laws of Guyana, an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is required before any decision to approve or reject this proposed project is taken, since this development may have significant impacts on the environment.

Members of the public are hereby invited, within twenty-eight (28) days of this Notice, to make written submissions to the Agency, setting out those questions and matters which they require to be answered or considered in the Environmental Impact Assessment.

A summary of the project can be viewed here on the EPA’s website or uplifted at the Office mentioned below, at a reasonable cost of photocopying.

Comments should be addressed to:

The Executive Director
Environmental Protection Agency
Ganges Street, Sophia, Georgetown.
Phone: 225-0506 / 225-5467-8 / 225-5471-2
Fax:     225-5481
E-mail: epa@epaguyana.org
Website: www.epaguyana.org