Air quality and noise inspections

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Air quality and noise inspections in the Demerara, Mahaica and Berbice areas


Compliance with the Environmental Protection Air Quality and Noise Management Regulations is important to promoting a good quality of life for all Guyanese. In this regard, the Agency inspected thirty-two (32) facilities in the Demerara, Mahaica and Berbice areas to assess compliance as outlined in the Environmental Authorisation. Additionally, the Agency conducted Compliance inspections to bring  permit holders whose permits have expired into compliance. This is to ensure their operations are conducted in keeping with current best available techniques to safe guard the environment and human health.

Several air and noise nuisance complaints were also investigated. Many of the complaints were related to the practice of establishing small businesses within residential areas and failing to implement appropriate measures to reduce air and noise emissions. During complaint investigations Officers of the Agency sought to understand the operating processes, identify impacts to human health and the environment and provide recommendations for improved management.  

The Agency continues to collaborate with stakeholders of the Noise Task force to improve noise management nationally.  The public is reminded that excessive or unusual noise which can be plainly heard 50ft away is an offense with a summary conviction of $700,000 and 1 year imprisonment.