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Preparing for the Impending Ban on Single-Use Plastics- Part 3


Guyana has over the years, been implementing laws (Regulations) to tackle the solid waste scourge, including the Litter Regulations 2013 and the Expanded Polystyrene Regulations 2015. The latest in the efforts is the impending ban on single-use plastic products which is expected to come into force in 2021. In our previous articles, we spoke about the ban itself and offered alternatives that you can start to consider as we transition to a life with much less plastic. For many of us, environmental issues only get our attention when they have a direct impact on our health or immediate surroundings, so you might ask yourself, why should I care about a ban on single use plastics?

According to, these are just some of the reasons that plastics are not the ideal material for the environment and humans.

Effects of plastic pollution:


In addition to the human health impacts and the damage to the natural environment, improper disposal of plastics also hurts our economy. Over the years, billions of dollars have been spent on cleaning drains and fixing drainage systems due to the plastic waste disposed, including the “Clean Up My Country Project”.

Further, as plastic does not biodegrade or break down in nature, when we send these items to the landfill, they take up space shortening the lifespan of that landfill. The Haags Bosch Sanitary Landfill already occupies 150 acres of land, which could have otherwise been used for housing or agriculture. At our current rate of consumption (for the areas that utilise the landfill) and our disposal practices, the lifespan of the landfill will be further reduced by a significant number of years.


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