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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conducted several consultations and sensitisation sessions with various categories of stakeholders on the Impending Ban on Single-Use Plastics proposed for 2021. Consultations were conducted with members of the public and businesses in Lethem, Mabaruma as well as, Georgetown. The Agency also held focus group meetings with local manufacturers and importers, supermarket representatives and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). The Agency also convened a multi-stakeholders task force comprising of representation from fifteen (15) organisations, inclusive of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) and the Private Sector Commission (PSC). The objectives of these sessions are to raise awareness on the ban and collect empirical data on how the ban will affect various categories of stakeholders.  

Single use plastics are being banned because they:

  • contribute to man-made climate change;
  • leach toxins into our waterways; 
  • pollute the marine environment causing harm to wildlife;
  • are not biodegradable and are persistent waste materials; and 
  • have little to no recycling potential rendering them useless once used. 

The proposed ban is on the importation, manufacture, distribution and use of SINGLE USE PLASTIC CARRIER BAGS AND OTHER SINGLE-USE PLASTIC PRODUCTS including plastic plates, food containers, cups, straws, and utensils (spoons, knives, forks). The EPA continues to encourage the general public to use eco-friendly products such as cloth bags, bamboo utensils, paper plates/boxes, etc.


Get connected to our social media platforms for important information and upcoming activities/competitions relative to this ban. You can make direct contact with our officers Mrs. Candacie Thompson and Mrs. Karen Watson on 225-5471/2 extensions 1301 or 1238 respectively.