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EPA continues to engage stakeholders in proposed single-use plastics ban

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on during May 27 to June 11 2020, engaged some critical stakeholders on the proposed single-use plastics ban.   These   included:   the   Director   of   the   Guyana   Tourism   Authority   (GTA); executive  members  of  Guyana  Manufacturing  and  Services  Association  (GMSA); representatives   from   Hotels,   Resorts,   Restaurants   and   Bars;   members   of   the Georgetown  Chamber  of Commerce (GCC); as well as Chief Executive Officer of the Small Business Bureau.

Prior   to   the   prevailing   COVID-19   pandemic,   the   EPA   conducted   a   series   of consultations   with   several   business   stakeholders   including  supermarkets   and importers  of  single-use  plastics.  However,  due  to  the  COVID-19  restrictions,  the Agency has transitioned to hosting virtual consultations on the ban since April 2020. Some of the major concerns emanating from these engagements were relative to the cost  and  viability  of  alternatives  for  the  proposed  items  to  be  banned;  increased education  and  awareness  campaigns  targeting  the  business  community;  and  fiscal incentives to support the local development of alternatives.

The Agency remains committed to ensuring the proposed Single-use Plastics ban adequately captures and addresses the concerns of key stakeholders.

We encourage you to share your recommendations and concerns with us and participate in our public survey made accessible on our social media pages.

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